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Ah... I faithfully subscribed for over 20 years starting right after I saw the pilot issue that a friend showed me while I was stationed in Berlin.

For the first decade and a half FSM was outstanding, but then it slowly morphed from FINE Scale Modeler to AVERAGE Scale Modeler, establishing an almost annual publishing routine of the same beginner articles over and over and over - the annual "best glue" article, the "how to apply decals" article, the "airbrushing basics" article, the "decal setting solution comparison" article, and so on and so forth. Not only did it become boring, but it made you feel like a dupe for paying for a 'script and getting the same content year after year.

Oh well, I suppose nothing good (or great) lasts forever, and with the advent of the interweb, I don't suppose we'll ever see another dead-tree rag the likes of FSM in its early haydays. Too many opportunities for really good modelers to self-publish these days while controlling their content and message 100%.

FSM was good while it lasted, though.

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